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To get your free Pax Sivir code click on the banner above labeled “click here to get your Pax Sivir skin code” after you click on the banner you will be required to complete a verification process to confirm that you are human. We do this to keep bots and any automated software from gathering all our skin codes that we provide on this site. Some people do this for the purpose of reselling the skin codes on eBay or elsewhere. We provide them for actual League of Legends players for free, so this is the only method we found effective in dealing with the automated bots.

After you go through the verification process you will get a file with a fresh new Pax Sivir skin code from our database. Copy the code down and launch your League of Legends client. Go to the store and enter the code in the “redeem code” area.

Before you do that make sure you own the champion Sivir or else the code will not get accepted. Once you have Sivir the code will be redeemable and the Pax Sivir skin will unlock.

Q: Will the code work on all League of Legends servers?
A: Yes the code will work on all servers which include:
North America, EU West, EU Nordic & East, Brazil, Turkey, Russia, Latin America North, Latin America South, and Oceania.

Q: Why do I still have to go through the verifying process?
A: This is set in place to prevent automated bots from taking all the codes we provide.

Q: I already got a code, could I get another one?
A: We prefer that you only get one code for yourself. Share this site with your friends if you would like them to get a PAX Sivir & PAX Jax skin code as well :)

We have been around selling Pax Sivir codes on eBay for a long time to help fund our League of Legends team. We eventually got a sponsorship so now everything our team needs is pretty much covered. We still continue to receive LoL skin codes to attract new people to the game during tournaments, and meet and greets. Thus, our supply of Pax Sivir skin codes will never run out.

We decided to make this site to give back to the League of Legends community. Our Pax Sivir skin codes are scratched from the new cards that we receive. We enter everything manually into our server’s database, where the user then downloads it from our website.